ILearn MATH 2414

This page contains some class lecture notes for Calculus II. All the files are in PDF and are copyright protected.


They do not substitute your class activity/notes/lecture, but serve as an auxiliary resource.


Lessons and Practice Exercises:
          Lecture Notes                                               Practice Exercises


Preliminary Review

  1. Substitution and Area between Curves;                                  Exercises
  2. Volumes;                                                                                Exercises
  3. Volumes by Shells;                                                                 Exercises
  4. Lengths of curves;                                                                   Exercises
  5. Moments and Center of Mass;                                                 Exercises
  6. Areas;                                                                                      Exercises
  7. Inverse Functions;                                                                   Exercises
  8. Logarithms;                                                                             Exercises
  9. Exponential Functions;                                                           Exercises
  10. Exponential and Logarithms;                                                 Exercises
  11. Applications;                                                                          Exercises
  12. Basic Integration Formulas;                                                   Exercises
  13. Integration by Parts;                                                               Exercises
  14. Integration of Rational Functions;                                          Exercises
  15. Trigonometric Integrals;                                                         Exercises
  16. Trigonometric Substitutions;                                                  Exercises
  17. Improper Integrals;                                                                 Exercises
  18. Sequences;                                                                            Exercises
  19. Infinite Series;                                                                        Exercises
  20. The Integral Test;                                                                   Exercises
  21. The Comparison Test;                                                            Exercises
  22. The Ratio and Root Test;                                                       Exercises
  23. Alternating Series.                                                                  Exercises
  24. Power Series.                                                                         Exercises


For Test 1; (Selective Solutions)

For Test 2. (Selective Solutions) (Selective solutions 2) (Selective solutions 3)