ILearn MATH 2412

This page contains some class lecture notes for Precalculus. All the files are in PDF and are copyright protected.
They do not substitute your class activity/notes/lecture, but serve as an auxiliary resource.
A. Lecture Notes and Practice Exercises
NoLessonsPractice Exercises
Part 1
1Functions (Review)Practice Exercises
2Zeros of Polynomial FunctionsPractice Exercises
3Rational Functions and Their GraphsPractice Exercises
4Vectors in PlanePractice Exercises
5Vectors and Dot ProductsPractice Exercises
6System of Linear and Nonlinear EquationsPractice Exercises
7Two-variable SystemsPractice Exercises
8Multivariable SystemsPractice Exercises
9Partial FractionsPractice Exercises
Review 1Solutions (selective) 1, 2, 3,
Part 2
10ParabolasPractice Exercises
11EllipsesPractice Exercises
12HyperbolasPractice Exercises
13Rotation of ConicsPractice Exercises
14Parametric EquationsPractice Exercises
15Polar CoordinatesPractice Exercises
16Polar EquationsPractice Exercises
17Difference QuotientPractice Exercises
18Distance and Midpoint in 3-DPractice Exercises
19Factoring ExpressionsPractice Exercises
Review 2Review

B. Supplementary practice exercises with sound!

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Review for Test 2 samples