ILearn MATH 0408

This page contains lecture notes and practice resources for Intermediate Algebra - MATH0408. It does not replace the course materials or any required textbook.

#Lesson: Lecture NotesPractice
1Introduction to EquationsPractice Ex
2General EquationsPractice Ex
3Value Mixture and Uniform MotionPractice Ex
4GeometryPractice Ex
5MarkUp and DiscountPractice Ex
6PercentPractice Ex
7Linear InequalitiesPractice Ex
8Absolute Value Equations and InequalitiesPractice Ex
9Cartesian SystemPractice Ex
10Introduction to FunctionsPractice Ex
11Linear FunctionsPractice Ex
12Slope of a LinePractice Ex
13Finding Equation of a LinePractice Ex
14Parallel and Perpendicular LinesPractice Ex
15Inequalities in Two VariablesPractice Ex
Review for Test 1Solutions (1)
16Solving Systems of Equations (1)Practice Ex
17Solving Systems of Equations (2)Practice Ex
18Introduction to PolynomialsPractice Ex
19Multiplication of MonomialsPractice Ex
20Multiplication of PolynomialsPractice Ex
21Integer Exponents, Scientific NotationPractice Ex
22Division of PolynomialsPractice Ex
23Common FactorsPractice Ex
24Factoring Trinomials (1)Practice Ex
25Factoring Trinomials (2)Practice Ex
26Special FactoringPractice Ex
27Factor Polynomials CompletelyPractice Ex
28Solving EquationsPractice Ex
Review for Test 2Solutions (1)
29Introduction to Rational FunctionsPractice Ex
30Operations on Rational ExpressionsPractice Ex
31Complex FractionsPractice Ex
32Rational EquationsPractice Ex
33Proportion and VariationPractice Ex
34Literal EquationsPractice Ex
35Rational Exponents and Radical ExpressionsPractice Ex
36Operations on Radical ExpressionsPractice Ex
37Complex NumbersPractice Ex
38Solving Quadratic Equations (1)Practice Ex
39Solving Quadratic Equations (2)Practice Ex
Review for Test 3Solutions (1)
Review for Final ExamSolutions (1)