The Print Shop

All cost of materials must be covered by the department or group requesting the work done. Please include an account number when requesting projects.
Marketing & Communications will assist you in creating flyers, posters and other materials at no cost. However, please keep in mind that each item requires different size dimensions that cannot be adjusted by the print shop. The print shop will not warp a file to make it fit a different dimension. 

Ex: A flyer cannot be turned into a poster with the same file. A flyer and poster file must be requested from Marketing at the same time. Failing to request them in a timely basis will delay the printing of your project.


Posted pricing is for in-house printing only. For outside printing please contact Print Shop for price quote.

Letter Size Copies*
Includes all items printed on 8.5 x 11 size paper

Black and white, one side-$.05 each
Black and white, double sided-$.10 each

Color, one side-$.20 each
Color, double sided-$.30 each

Poster Size Copies (maximum size 11 x 17)
Includes all items printed on 11x17 size paper

Black and white-$.06 each
Color-$.50 each

Table Tents (Pillar boxes, usually seen in The Commons)

Color only-$.75 each

*Specialty papers available upon request. 

For other sizes or custom projects, please contact Print Shop to check availability

Business Cards (Click for Business Card Form)

Box of 500 cards-$35.00