Committee Charge

Charge: Ensure the integrity of data collected, managed, and shared at Brazosport College. This includes reviewing data in the student information system (POISE), ZogoTech, and surveys administered by BC students, faculty, and staff. The DQC will ensure that data are correct and entered properly; develop models to ensure data are accurate upon collection and entry; checking data with exception reports to flag any inaccurate data; and develop a process to ensure any changes in data fields are shared with stakeholders.

For copies of Agendas and Minutes from previous meetings, please contact:
Sheree Walls at 979-230-3476 or


Committee Members

Dr. Douglas Walcerz, Chair
Dr. Lynda Villanueva
Jeff Detrick
Jo Greathouse
Ricardo Uribe
Priscilla Sanchez
Angela Williams
Kay Wright
Gary Lackey
Madonna Adams
Jodi Kubecka
Arnold Ramirez
Cindy Ullrich


Douglas Walcerz, PhD
Dean of Planning, Institutional Effectiveness,
and Research
(979) 230-3443

Cindy Ullrich
Director of Institutional Research
(979) 230-3415

Leslie Cummings
Assistant Research Analyst
(979) 230-3256

Sheree Walls
Adminstrative Office Specialist
(979) 230-3476