About KnowBe4

Knowbe4 is Brazosport College's Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program designed to help you understand what threats look like, how they work and how to respond. They also provide tools to assess the strength of our existing information security culture, identify areas for improvement, and prepare every member of our community to safely navigate the rapidly evolving information security landscape.

All college employees with a Brazosport College account must complete the KnowBe4 trainings annually between March 1 through April 30.

To access the training site, visit training.knowbe4.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Download a PDF of the following FAQs

Who must take the training?

All college employees with a BC account must take the training. This includes full-time, part-time, temps, student workers, and interns.

Contractors with network access must also have been trained by their company or take our training.

When is the training?

For current employees, the training is set to run from March 1st through April 30th of each year.

New employees will be enrolled in a similar training that begins when they are hired and runs approximately two months.

What is the training?

The training consists of videos, quizzes, and games, split between several modules that will show up under your Training tab on the KnowBe4 site. These are chosen by the state and the IT department to give a good base of IT security training.

How do I log in?

You will be sent an email when the training begins. When you click on the link in the training email, it will take you to a BC Login page and you will log in with your BC username and password.

You can also directly access the site by going to training.knowbe4.com and putting in your email address. This will also take you to the login page.

What happens if I don’t do the training?

Because of state law, grant funding, and insurance requirements, everyone must complete the training. For this reason, anyone who does not complete the training in the allotted time will have their BC Account disabled by IT.

My account was disabled, what now?

To have your account reenabled, you will need to contact the BC Helpdesk. They will give your account 24 hours to complete the training. If the training is still not completed, the account will be disabled again, and you will need to have your supervisor contact IT.

Is there any additional training I can access?

IT will occasionally add optional content that is not required by the training, but some users may find helpful such as short TV show like content, games, or miscellaneous content to the Library tab of the KnowBe4 site.

Contact the Helpdesk

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