Employee Accounts & Procedures

To obtain an employee account, have your supervisor complete an Employee Account Request Form. Once your account(s) are created, the Help Desk will notify you and/or your supervisor.


In order to access your BC email from home, you’ll need to use the web interface at https://webmail.brazosport.edu. Click  here for instructions.
Those employees who have a Brazosport College email address will receive the advice document of their direct deposit of the payroll check by email. The advice will be an attachment in adobe acrobat format. You will need the reader program on your computer to open and read the attachment. If you do not have the reader on your computer, you can download it from this link: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.

Forgot your login (BCNET) password?

Forgot your FAS or Wink/Marfa password?

Contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@brazosport.edu or 979-230-3266 

Password Rules

Your password will need to comply with the following requirements: 

Minimun length : 16 characters

Complexity :
  1. At least one upper case character
  2. At least one lower case character
  3. At least one number
  4. At least one special character (Examples: ! @ & *)
  5. Your password may not contain your username

Software Installation

Software not purchased by Brazosport College must not be installed on your office computer. Before ordering any software for your computer, you must check with IT to make certain it will be compatible with the hardware and software on your PC. When receiving the software, contact the Help Desk to log in a work order. Some users have loaded freeware screen savers and/or special themes on their system. If these cause problems on your PC, they will be removed.

What if I need to move my computer?

Please do not attempt to move your computer. Contact the Help Desk to log in a work order.

Please remember to shut down your computer at the end of the work day.  There is no air conditioning at night or during the weekends, and the heat can damage your computer.

Contact the Helpdesk

7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.



Live chat with the Help Desk

Location on Campus
BC Central, K-100