Semester Based Workshops


Semester Based Training's are offered each Fall and Spring and include Instructional, Technical, Health and Wellness, and Business and Leadership based sessions. The online programs used are Skillsoft & Magna, with MS Office Suite available through skillsoft.  The format is either online, face to face or blended.  Training provides enrichment opportunities to assist in increasing self-development, awareness, and skills. In addition, sessions provide everyone a unique chance to not only learn something new, but exchange ideas and communicate with others throughout the campus.

Registration Process
You MUST register for each training session/package. There are multiple ways to register.

To register complete option 1 or 2:

  1. Fill out the registration form provided by a BC announce email from the EDC advertising the upcoming training
  1. Go to the Spring 2018 Training and Development Schedule page.

*Registration will open as available but courses will not begin until date specified.

If you have questions visit the FAQ page or email the EDC at:  or call 979-230-3436

Things to Remember

  • *training packages consist of several courses that need to be completed in full to receive EGC's.
  • many workshops are repeated.
  • seating is limited to 16, if you registered for a session and are unable to attend please let us know so we can open space to another participant.
  • in addition to  pre-scheduled workshops throughout the semester the EDC will be emailing updates and reminders
  • sessions are subject to change at which time an email will be sent indicating changes and or cancellations