Faculty Resources

Instructional Development Resources

Whether you are designing a new course or trying to improve upon an existing course, you may need resources to guide you. Here are some resources to help with this process.

Designing Your Course to Match Your Setting :

The number of students in your class, the primary content delivery, and the subject you are teaching all play a role in how you can design your course. Below are some tips to match your classroom setting provided by The University of Central Florida Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning.


Innovative Approaches to Teaching: 

A primary goal for many instructors is keeping students engaged and interested in the course content. Here are a few approaches faculty use to keep students actively engaged with their learning.


Instructional Methods and Approaches:

We’ve all sat in a classroom listening to a faculty member lecture on a topic, but are there alternatives to just lectures? Here are some helpful resources on switching up your instructional style.


Learning Theory and Research:

A great place to start when designing your course is to think about how students engage and learn new material. Below are a couple theories on how students learn.


Evaluating your course:

A great way to assess how you are doing as an instructor is to evaluate your own course throughout the semester. Here are a few helpful guides to evaluating your course.