The Center for Business/Industry Training (CBIT) partners with organizations through customized training, consulting and instructional design at your site or ours. Your employees are allowed to focus on critical tasks while relying on our training experts in the following areas:

  • Computer Software Training
  • Team Development
  • Diversity Training
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Meeting Facilitation


CBIT Team:
Art Longoria979-230-3242
Cheryl Herbst979-230-3285
Christine Scott979-230-3016
Connie Kemp979-230-3371
Debbie Comneck979-230-8265
Jamie Gay979-230-3117
Jeanie Grahmann979-230-3452
Jeri Gibbs979-230-3604
Joy Carr979-230-3169
Lori Loving979-230-3197
Kim Damian979-230-3179
Madonna Adams979-230-3251
Paige Roach979-230-3381
Rebecca Britton979-230-3195
Rolande Jasmin979-230-3425
Savannah Oliverez979-230-3161
Shelley Moody979-230-3288