Presenting and Speaking to Influence Others


This program is intended for supervisors, managers, team leaders, team members and individual contributors.


The program will benefit people who want to enhance their speaking and presentation skills to achieve business results by gaining the attention, ensuring the understanding, and influencing the actions of others.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to

  • Organize their thoughts with a focus on addressing the needs of their listeners and achieveing their objectives
  • Encourage desired action by delivering their message clearly and concisely
  • Handle resistance by responding to listeners' ideas, opinions and concerns
  • Ensure that their ideas are acted on by developing concrete follow-up plans
  • Share ideas for workplace improvements and innovations geared toward business results
  • Project credibility through effective presentations
  • Use nonverbal techniques to build rapport with audience

Note: This program replaces Presentation Skills which has been discontinued by the vendor.



Suggested Class Size:

Minimum 12
Maximum 16

Course Length:

8 hours