Facilitating For Results


Anyone responsible for regularly planning and facilitating meetings requiring group interaction (e.g., problem solving, decision making, planning, goal setting, etc.). Can be customized for intact work group.


This is a practical skill-building workshop on how to make meetings highly focused, productive and effective. Through intensive skills practice, participants will learn to write purpose and desired-outcome statements and agendas; develop ground rules, build consensus and keep the meeting focused and on track.

Objectives of this class are for the participant to:

  • Plan a meeting effectively ahead of time to set it up for success
  • Begin a meeting in a way that improves its chances for success
  • Encourage participation
  • Handle disruptive behavior in meetings
  • Manage differing viewpoints and build consensus
  • Summarize for action
  • Evaluate and continually improve meetings


Supervisory approval, support, and commitment to apply skills on the job; participant should facilitate a meeting within one month after the workshop.

Suggested Class Size:

Minimum 12
Maximum 20

Course Length:

16 hours (2 days)