Essential Skills of Communicating (VILT / BLT)


This Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) / BLT is designed for experienced, new and aspiring leaders in your organization. Leaders can be supervisors, managers, team leaders, etc.


Note: This is a preview of a 4-hour course. You will receive only the basics of the full course. You may see the need for attending and/or sending others to the full course.

Essential Skills of Communicating (ESC) provides the tools necessary to develop clear, concise messages. Focusing on communication as a two-way process, the program can help even experienced managers improve their messages by making them clear, well organized and aimed at the needs and interests of the listener. By developing the essential skills of communication, managers improve relations with their team members and increase productivity.

ESC VILT/BLT is a 1.5 hour workshop that covers the basics of the following areas,
learning how to:

  • create a climate of open communication
  • design clear and concise messages
  • manage non-verbal behavior effectively
  • listen to communicate



Suggested Class Size:

Minimum 6
Maximum 24 online;
50 in person

Course Length:

1.5 hours