This course is designed for individuals interested in learning the skills necessary to design and manage basic diagrams, workflow, and flowcharts Microsoft® Visio® 2010.


Upon successful completion of this course, individuals will be able to:


  • Become familiar with the Visio interface and create a basic Visio document.
  • Create a route map by using Visio features to work with shapes and text.
  • Modify, format, and arrange shapes to enhance a basic diagram.
  • Create process diagrams.
  • Represent an organization hierarchy as a Visio diagram.



Microsoft® Office Windows® experience

Suggested Class SizeMinimum 3
Maximum 12
Course Length8 hours
ContentsLesson 1: Getting Started with Visio 2010

   Topic 1A: Explore the Visio Interface

   Topic 1B: Customize the Visio Interface

   Topic 1C: Create a New Diagram

Lesson 2: Creating a Route Map

   Topic 2A: Add Shapes to a Diagram

   Topic 2B: Manipulate Shapes

   Topic 2C: Add Text

   Topic 2D: Format Text

   Topic 2E: Change the Stacking Order

Lesson 3: Modifying Diagram Shapes

   Topic 3A: Manage Shapes

   Topic 3B: Format Shapes

Lesson 4: Creating Process Diagrams

   Topic 4A: Create a Flowchart

   Topic 4B: Apply Page Styles

   Topic 4C: Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart

   Topic 4D: Create a Workflow Diagram

Lesson 5: Representing an Organization Hierarchy

   Topic 5A: Create an Organization Chart

   Topic 5B: Modify an Organization Chart