Internal AudienceAnyone who deals with employees in a leadership or influencer role. Team or group leader, supervisor, manager, project leader, etc. Those who want to learn how to influence the learning process to improve productivity and change undesirable behaviors of team members.

DescriptionDeveloping and Coaching Others - provides the skills and strategies needed to effectively guide your team through a learning process to improve performance and drive positive behavioral change.

Developing and Coaching Others teaches supervisors, team leaders and managers to successfully develop and coach their team members to become better and more consistent performers. This team leadership training course helps managers and team leaders learn specifics of how they can influence the learning process and hold "coaching moments" with team members to change undesirable behavior as well as improve productivity and performance.

Learn to:
  • Continuously coach and support the development of team members
  • Encourage learners throughout the learning process
  • Effectively handle "coaching moments" so team members learn to teach themselves


None, but Learning with Excellence is recommended
Pre-Work Required

Suggested Class Size

12 to 18
Course Length4 hours