Understanding DiSC® Personality Styles

DescriptionThis course (Understanding DiSC® Personality Styles to Increase Effectiveness and Improve Relationships) utilized the DiSC® assessment to discover the participants' DiSC® styles, the strengths of those styles and how overuse of those strengths can hinder productivity and effectiveness. The participants will gain insight to help understand personality differences and appreciate the diversity that different styles bring to the workplace.

Attendees will:
  • Understand the key characteristics of each style and how to recognize the style of others.
  • Understand the strengths of each style and how the diversities in style are important in the workplace.
  • Be able to reduce stress and improve effectiveness with those whose style is different from their own.


Pre-Work Required

Participants must take the DiSC® assessment prior to the day of class.
Suggested Class Size

Minimum 10
Maximum 30
Course Length8 hours