DialogueWORKS®: Collaborating For Results®

AudienceAnyone who not only wants to improve overall communication, but who also wants to provide more effective feedback, and create better team dynamics, performance management, negotiation, conflict resolution, coaching, and meeting management.

DescriptionDialogueWORKS®: Collaborating for Results® is a two-day interpersonal communications program that helps build a capacity to work through tough situations.

The course provides a communication model which allows individuals to understand and manage the dynamics of effective communication.

Participants will learn to suspend their thinking in order to share their perspectives in a spirit of contribution instead of control. Participants will also learn to:
  • Share the tough message to get results, without creating defensiveness
  • Deliver feedback to increase accountability
  • Defuse emotional reaction to create respect
  • Listen to what is or is not being said, to increase understanding
  • Practice effective ways of inquiring into the perspectives of others
  • Identify values to resolve conflict

They also learn to recognize and avoid common communication challenges such as jumping to conclusions, spiraling into negative interactions, acting on unsubstantiated interpretations and defaulting to fight or flight behaviors.


Pre-Work Required


Suggested Class Size

12 - 20
Course Length2 days