AudienceThis course is designed for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 users who will need to collaborate with team members, organize documents, manage lists, and integrate SharePoint 2010 with Microsoft Office 2010.

DescriptionUpon successful completion of this course, individuals will be able to:
  • Describe the collaborative technology in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and identify the interface elements of a SharePoint site.
  • Organize information in SharePoint Server 2010 by using lists.
  • Store and share documents in a SharePoint site using libraries.
  • Collaborate with team members.
  • Create a personalized site using the My Site feature.
  • Administer a SharePoint site.
  • Manage content in SharePoint Server 2010.

PrerequisitesMicrosoft® Office Windows® experience

Suggested Class SizeMinimum 3
Maximum 10

Course Length8 hours

Table of ContentsLesson 1: Introducing SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 1A: Describe SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 1B: Describe SharePoint Server 2010 Interface Elements

Lesson 2: Organizing Information in SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 2A: Add List Items
Topic 2B: Modify Lists
Topic 2C: Change List Views

Lesson 3: Storing Documents in a SharePoint Site
Topic 3A: Add Documents to a Library
Topic 3B: Edit Documents in a Library
Topic 3C: Share Documents Across Libraries
Topic 3D: Collect Information Using Forms

Lesson 4: Collaborating with Team Members
Topic 4A: Share Information Using Wikis
Topic 4B: Communicate Using Blogs
Topic 4C: Participate in Discussion Boards

Lesson 5: Creating a Personalized Site
Topic 5A: Create the My Site
Topic 5B: Customize the My Site

Lesson 6: Administering a SharePoint Site
Topic 6A: Create a Subsite
Topic 6B: Manage User and Group Access to Sites

Lesson 7: Managing Content in SharePoint Server 2010
Topic 7A: Categorize Content Using Content Types
Topic 7B: Validate Content Using Workflows