Tom’s Fun Band brings ‘fun music for little ears’

Tom’s Fun Band brings ‘fun music for little ears’

Wed Jun 18, 2014
Tom’s Fun Band has become a mainstay at The Clarion at Brazosport College’s annual Summer Matinee Series. And it’s for good reason.

By mixing guitar, drums, tuba and fun sing-a-long lyrics together, Tom’s Fun Band had created a sound that kids love and look forward to every year at The Clarion.

This year, Tom’s Fun Band will be performing at 1:30 p.m. on June 25 at The Clarion. The show is part of the Clarion’s annual Summer Matinee Series and tickets are $5.

Tom’s Fun Band consists of Tom Wilbeck on vocals and guitars, his brother, Chris Wilbeck on drums, and Will Samson on the tuba. The band was created in 2007 when Tom began writing music for his twins. His music was filled with lyrics children could relate to, such as bath time, breakfast, taking rides in the wagon and monsters in the mirror.

Soon after, Tom joined up with Will and Chris and Tom’s Fun Band was officially created. Since then, Tom’s Fun Band has performed to hundreds of thousands of kids at festivals, schools, libraries, fundraisers, parties, museums and other places seeking positive family-themed music.

The June 25 show featuring Tom’s Fun Band is the second of the Clarion’s summer matinees for kids. The third and final show of this season is magician Lanny Kibbey, which is scheduled for July 9.

To learn more about Tom’s Fun Band, visit the group’s Web site at To purchase tickets to any of the Clarion’s Summer Matinee shows, call 979.230.3156 or visit