Program Spotlight: BC’s criminal justice and law enforcement programs offer variety of career options


Program Spotlight: BC’s criminal justice and law enforcement programs offer variety of career options

Program Spotlight: BC’s criminal justice and law enforcement programs offer variety of career options

Thu May 31, 2018

Throughout the state and nation, there is an increasing focus on law enforcement and public safety. While this creates a demand for criminal justice professionals, many of the careers require education and extensive training. Fortunately, Brazosport College offers programs specializing in criminal justice and law enforcement.

BC has three different options, including an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice two-year degree, and two certificates, one in criminal justice and another in law enforcement, which includes the Law Enforcement Academy.

The Associate Degree in Criminal Justice prepares students for job entry in a variety of criminal justice positions, including three major fields — courts, corrections and law enforcement. Whether one’s interest is in criminology, political science, social work, forensics, chemistry, law, probation or even accounting, there is probably a criminal justice career suited for most skill sets.

BC’s Law Enforcement Academy is another popular option. The College’s Basic Peace Officer Licensure Course begins each spring and fall semester, and includes two day academies and one night academy each semester year. The Academy trains prospective students in various subjects, such as criminal law, firearms and arrest tactics, as well as emergency driving, traffic enforcement and criminal investigation. Upon completion of the Academy, candidates are eligible to sit for the state licensing exam.

The training provided by Brazosport College is hands on and very extensive, and even goes beyond state requirements. As a result, BC candidates have registered an impressive 100 percent pass rate on the state exam during the past three years.

Application packets for the Law Enforcement Academy will be available at the Brazosport College Library the first week of June. 

One of the reasons students have excelled in the criminal justice and law enforcement programs can be attributed to the experienced faculty and staff employed at Brazosport College. Both Law Enforcement Coordinator and Criminal Justice faculty member Teresa LeBlanc-Collins and Criminal Justice faculty member Chris Mezzino have an extensive amount of experience in the field, as well as a combined 25 years of service at Brazosport College.

With years of service also comes knowledge and contacts. The faculty at Brazosport College is very familiar with local law enforcement agencies. In turn, this provides many different opportunities for candidates to find employment within local law enforcement agencies.

“Our program at Brazosport College provides a firm foundational education to students who want to pursue a career in the criminal justice profession,” LeBlanc-Collins said.

To learn more about Brazosport College’s criminal justice and law enforcement program, contact Teresa LeBlanc-Collins at (979) 230-3442.