Informational seminar on new GED assessment scheduled for July 29

Informational seminar on new GED assessment scheduled for July 29

Wed Jul 10, 2013

With big changes coming to the GED test next year, the Coastal Project GREAT Center will be presenting a day-long seminar to assist teachers and educators with information about the new test.

The seminar, “Countdown to 2014: Preparing for the Next Generation GED Test,” is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, July 29 at the Dow Academic Center on the Brazosport College campus. The event will be held in the building’s commencement hall A & B.

Speaking at the event will be Susan Pittman-Shetler and Bonnie Goonen. Lunch also will be provided. Registration is required to attend the event.

The next generation GED assessment will be launched in January of 2014, and this seminar will cover some of the topics educators should be aware of regarding the new test. Teachers will participate in small and large group activities that can be implemented in their programs now. Teachers also will receive resources they can use in their classrooms.

Among the topics covered during the seminar are:

An overview of the assessment targets identified through the assessment guide and item sampler for the 2014 GED test.

- Changes in rigor of the assessment, including the use of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.

- Information on the importance of students’ ability to use technology when preparing for the assessment.

- How classrooms will need to adapt their instructional strategies and classroom materials in order to meet these challenges.

- Information on the move to evidence-based writing.

How to help students move from “writing about nothing” to “writing about something.”

- The link between reading and writing to produce extended responses and short answers on assessment instruments.

- How teachers can enhance writing instruction for students to enable them to be more effective writers in the classroom, at home and in the workplace.


Registration is required and will be limited to the first 100 due to seating limitations. For more information, call 281.290.2919. To register, visit,