Brazosport College introduces new instructor of art

Brazosport College introduces new instructor of art

Thu Nov 7, 2013

Art instructor

Brazosport College is pleased to announce the recent addition of Jackson Zorn to its faculty as an instructor of art.

Zorn comes to Brazosport College by way of Rome, Georgia, and teaches Drawing I and II, Painting I and II, Photography I and II, Graphic Design, and Art Appreciation.

Zorn began teaching at BC before the fall semester.

“I believe my purpose, as a professor, is to guide students toward a greater understanding of fundamental painting, drawing and design concepts, while ultimately providing them with the tools, knowledge and confidence to render form in a wide variety of two-dimensional ways,” Zorn said of his teaching philosophy.  “In my studio classes, I promote an approach that emphasizes students’ integration of technical, perceptual and conceptual abilities, whether they are being applied to the skill set of a beginner-level student or toward the development of a consistent portfolio at the intermediate and advanced levels.”

Zorn developed a passion for art at an early age. He was influenced both by his father, an architect, and his mother, a teacher.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Clemson University in 2009, and went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Notre Dame in 2012. Before coming to Brazosport College he served as an Adjunct Professor of Two-Dimensional Art at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia.

His works have been displayed throughout Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, among other locations. His art has also been shown internationally at the Stamperia Gallery and the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy, as well as in China at the Art Museum of Guangzhou and the Art Museum of Shunde.

“Jackson's artistic talents include drawing, watercolor, painting and photography, and he will begin to teach graphic design courses in fall 2014,” said Dr. Kate Funkhouser, Brazosport College Division Chair, Communications & Fine Arts. “Jackson is a personable and dedicated instructor and an inspiring artist, who relates well to students and colleagues.”

Zorn emphasizes the importance of using art as a means of unique expression, as well as a vessel and foundation for other artistic pursuits.

“Since the world of art is constantly evolving, I am committed to my own personal development, not only as an educator, but also as an artist,” Zorn said. “I maintain a strong studio work ethic, continuously pushing my understanding of my medium and investigation of its contemporary form. I expect my students to do the same through their own work, as well.”

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