BC to develop safety training for contractor workers through grant

BC to develop safety training for contractor workers through grant

Mon Feb 11, 2013

Brazosport College received a Susan Harwood Safety Grant from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in September of 2011 to develop and deliver safety training to increase the safety awareness of contractor workers placed in large petrochemical plants.

Ten lessons were created, including Personal Protective Equipment, Importance of Recognizing Safety in the Workplace, Recognizing Hazards, Fall Protection, Slips, Trips Falls/Ladder Safety, Area Classification, OSHA’s Hazard Communication/Right to Know, Electrical Safety, Heat Stress and Hand and Power Tools.

Participants included students enrolled in craft college courses and/or co-op classes at Brazosport College, as well as new hire employees from local chemical companies. A total of 285 individuals were trained more than 964 hours. The project concluded in 2013.

Overall student impression of the training was positive, with numerous comments about the usefulness of safety information, good coverage of basic safety information and good instructor knowledge/presentation. During the Fall 2012 sessions, three participants chose to repeat a few training sessions, telling instructors they had never had the opportunity to have safety training like this and wanted to hear and see the material again.

Brazosport College can offer these lessons to interested parties at no cost. Contact Dr. Madonna Adams, Director of the Center for Business/Industry Training at Brazosport College, at madonna.adams@brazosport.edu for further information.

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