BC professor shares her interest in presidential libraries

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BC professor shares her passion for presidential libraries

BC professor shares her passion for presidential libraries

Wed Nov 13, 2019

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A large crowd of students, faculty and staff members recently showed up at the Brazosport College Library to hear the final presentation of this semester’s BC Discovery Series. In the third Discovery Series event of the semester, BC Associate Professor of History Carrie Pritchett talked about the various presidential libraries throughout the United States. During her discussion, Pritchett provided background on the different libraries and offered insights on what makes them all special to her. Previous events in the BC Discovery Series were David Sysma’s presentation, “How the United States Lost the Space Race” in August and Dr. Isaiah Schauer’s session titled “Understanding Gene Therapy & CRISPR” in October. For more information about the BC Discovery Series, email cassie.bruner@brazosport.edu or student.life@brazosport.edu.