BC Music Department adding new courses

BC Music Department adding new courses

Thu Dec 3, 2015

Brazosport College’s Music Department is expanding its course offerings with new and revamped classes that provide real-world training for musicians.

Beginning with the Spring 2016 semester, Brazosport College will be offering Fundamentals of Music, Live Sound Workshop and Commercial Music Software as part of its selection of music courses.

In the Fundamentals of Music class, students will be introduced to basic elements of music theory as well as fundamental piano, guitar and drums skills.

“This course is newly-revamped and has a very practical curriculum and approach, and I’m very excited about it,” said Brazosport College Coordinator of Music Richard Birk. “This class is hands-on and will really provide useful tools on a broad spectrum of music. Every student will apply the elements of music by learning to play popular songs on piano, guitar and drums.”

Birk will be teaching the class, which was developed by Kelly Dean of the Emery/Weiner School in Houston. Dean is one of Houston’s most sought-after musicians and is a regular performer on sax, flute and vocals.

For those with musical aspirations to be in front of the stage rather than in the spotlight, BC is also adding a Live Sound Workshop course.

The course, instructed by The Clarion at Brazosport College Administrator Vorin Dornan, is practical for students interested in running live sound.

“The Live Sound Workshop provides hands-on, practical instruction for operating both analog and digital sound systems,” Dornan said of the class.

The class will have an emphasis on basic sound system operations, including mixing boards, equalizing sounds and working with effects.

Rounding out the new music courses is Commercial Music Software, which will be instructed by Columbia High School Band Director Randy Marble.

The course is an introduction to basic music recording and music notation software. The class will focus on learning concepts and principals and applying them to projects using Mixcraft recording software and Finale notation software. The course will also feature discussions on other important music apps and software.

No prerequisites are required for all three courses, and credits acquired from the software and mixing classes can be used toward a Certificate in Music Leadership at Brazosport College.

For more information on Brazosport College’s Department of Music or courses being offered, contact Birk at richard.birk@brazosport.edu or call (979) 230-3272. To register for courses at Brazosport College, visit www.brazosport.edu.