BC celebrates Pre-Pi Day with multitude of activities

Pre-Pi 2020-1

BC celebrates Pre-Pi Day with a variety of activities

BC celebrates Pre-Pi Day with a variety of activities

Thu Mar 5, 2020

Pre-Pi 2020

Brazosport College recently held its annual Pre-Pi Day in the College’s Student Success Center. The actual Pi Day, which is well known in the mathematical community, occurs annually on March 14. Since Brazosport College is on Spring Break that day, the school holds its own Pre-Pi Day on the final full day of classes before Spring Break. The College’s 2020 Pre-Pi Day festivities included a homemade pie contest, an abundance of pies, door prizes, T-shirts, pancakes and hot chocolate, along with presentations by BC professors Nicole Tunmire and Calin Agut. Pictured are BC staff members Barry Foster, left, and Rachel Cloeter, who are measuring the circumference and diameter of a lampshade in order to calculate Pi during Tunmire’s presentation. For more information about the Brazosport College Math Center, call (979) 230-3134.