Safety Health and Environmental Management


Because of the importance of industrial safety in Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, there are numerous sites that require trained, capable safety and environmental coordinators. Salaries can range from the $20K to $100K for positions ranging from technicians to senior vice presidents.
The field is very diverse with positions as safety technicians in chemical plants, oil and gas, transportation, fire safety, manufacturing, and more.  Environmental technicians also are in demand for projects in waste management, real estate inspection and evaluation, site remediation and monitoring and more.
For information link to ASSE Career Guide located on the careers tab.

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Gary Hicks
Division Chair
Office: HS.212Q
Phone: 979-230-3291
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Deborah Moreno
AOS/Admin. Office Specialist
Office: HS.212P
Phone: 979-230-3618
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Jennifer Kennon
College/Industry Coordinator
Office: HS.212N
Phone: 979-230-3427
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Rebecca Harper
PT/Admin. Office Assistant
Office: HS.212M
Phone: 979-230-3159
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Samuel Chamberlain
Office: L.204F
Phone: 979-230-3508
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Om Chawla
Office: L.204B
Phone: 979-230-3444
Fax: 979-230-3341

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