Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


(Effective Fall 2019)


Federal regulations (34 CFR 668.34) mandate that a student receiving financial assistance under federal Title IV programs must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in his/her course of study regardless of whether or not financial aid is awarded each semester. Financial Aid Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards a Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree, Associate Degree or approved Certificate Program in order to receive Federal Title IV and/or State Financial Aid.

All Federal and State aid awarded by the Financial Aid Office are affected by this policy. Academic Progress will be evaluated at the end of each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured with the following standards:

  • Grade Point Average: minimum cumulative 2.000
  • Completion Rate: cumulative 67% of the attempted coursework (including developmental, dual enrollment and/or transfer hours accepted by BC towards their program of study).

Financial Aid Warning – Students will be placed on financial aid warning if Satisfactory Academic Progress is not achieved as defined above.

Maximum Time Frame: This measure limits the number of credit hours attempted in the pursuit of an undergraduate certificate or a degree. The maximum attempted hours are one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the credits required to complete the students’ program of study.

Example: For the purposes of obtaining an associate degree at BC requiring 60 credit hours, the maximum is typically 90 credit hours, including dual enrollment and/or transfer coursework accepted towards the program of study.

*A student is ineligible at the evaluation point where is indicated the student will exceed max time frame, NOT at the point when they actually reach the max time frame.

Financial Aid Suspension – Students will be placed on financial aid suspension when they are no longer eligible for Federal or State financial aid due to their lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress** or the student has reached the maximum time frame* for their program of study.

 **If a student raises their overall GPA and completion rate to the minimum acceptable standards or above, they regain their good standing status.

Transitional Coursework: All transitional courses will be counted as attempted hours. 

NOTE: Students can receive financial aid for a total of twenty-seven (27) attempted transitional hours, including transitional coursework taken at other institutions.

Student who graduates and returns to BC for a second degree

If a student graduates from BC and re-enrolls at BC to pursue another educational program, all developmental courses are excluded from the SAP calculation. Classes from the program the student graduated from that do not count toward graduation for the new program; will also be excluded from the SAP calculation. The review for a new degree after graduation is limited to one degree plan review, therefore students are allowed to do this only once after graduation or lifetime at BC.