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Dual Credit Program/Early College

What is dual credit?

Dual credit classes are college courses for which a student receives both high school and college credit. Dual credit will be received upon successful completion of college courses with a minimum grade of “C”. A grade of “C” or better is required to receive high school credit. Check with the high school or college counselor for more information about credits. Students can earn dual credit in both academic and/or technical courses.

2020 Dual Credit Information Sessions

Information Sessions will be held this summer for all prospective/new Dual Credit students and their parent/guardian. These information sessions will provide an overview of the program and allow for your questions to be answered in real-time.

Learn More about Dual Credit Information Sessions

Steps to Enroll in Dual Credit Courses

Step 1: Apply to Brazosport College

Submit an application through Apply Texas up to a year in advance.

Step 2: Required Testing (If Needed)

Students without an exemption or waiver, will have to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment:

*Perspective Dual Credit/Dual Credit students will have fee waived.

If you completed your TSI exam at a high school or another college's testing center, please complete the electronic request form to send scores to Brazosport College. 

Step 3: Submit Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination

All students under 22 years of age, taking courses at Brazosport College's Main Campus are required to submit proof of vaccination.

For more information about the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination requirement, visit

Step 4: Complete the Dual Credit Form

All Dual Credit Students must complete the Dual Credit Form.

Contact Us

Angleton ISD
Dual Credit Counselor: 
Heather Dodge
BC: 979-230-3445
AHS: 979-864-8001

Brazosport ISD

Brazoswood HS
Dual Credit Counselor:
Gladys DeLaFuente
BISD: 979-730-7300 ext. 15202
BC: 979-230-3497

Brazosport HS
Dual Credit Counselor:
Darla Fagan
BC: 979-230-3529
BISD: 979-730-7260 ext. 24111 

Columbia-Brazoria ISD
Dual Credit Counselor:
Susan Lancaster
BC: 979-230-3166
CHS: 979-345-5147 ext. 2025

Sweeny ISD
Dual Credit Counselor:
Susan Lancaster
SHS: 979-491-8100 

Homeschool/Private Schools
Bob Holcombe
BC: 979-230-3690


Dean, School & College Partnerships:
Priscilla Sanchez
BC: 979-230-3039

AOS, School & College Partnerships:
Karina Cuellar
BC: 979-230-3633