Tutoring Philosophy & Policies

  • All successful writers know they need readers, and the Writing Center aims to serve all writers at Brazosport College and in the surrounding community.

  • We are not a center for remediation, but we can help you work through areas of difficulty with reading and writing.

  • The Writing Center can help you with any reading, writing, and/or speaking task. We aren’t just here to support your English classes. Bring any reading assignment, writing project, Power Point Presentation, or speech for any class to the Writing Center, and we will work with you to make sure you are communicating clearly.

  • You don’t have to have a paper or draft to visit the Writing Center. We can help you generate ideas, understand your assignment, brainstorm a plan for your paper, or make sure the writing you have is clearly addressing the assignment.

  • You don’t have to have difficulties with reading and writing to visit the Writing Center. Our tutors are expert readers who can help you see your own writing in a new way and push even experienced writers to challenge and improve their craft.

  • We are a center for literacy education, not an editing service. Our aim is to help you become a more effective reader and communicator in speech and in writing. Providing proofreading and editing services will not help you develop these skills. Instead of editing for you, we will help you develop your abilities as an editor of your own work.

  • During your session, you can expect that your consultant will read your work aloud or she will ask you to do so.Reading aloud helps both the reader and writer stay focused on the writing at hand. It also allows the reader and writer to hear moments that might not “sound right.” Often, when reading their work aloud, writers slow down and can catch many of their own mistakes. If you are self-conscious about sharing your work in this way, just let your tutor know, and you can move to a table or private study room.

  • Educational research shows that learners can only absorb two-three concepts in one sitting. For this reason, we limit our sessions to 55 minutes.
  • We also ask that you plan to work on one project per-session. The goal of the Writing Center is to help you learn to become a stronger reader and communicator, and marathon sessions perfecting individual assignments aren’t the best way to help us reach that goal.
  • In order to accommodate all writers at BC, you are only permitted to have one session per day. If we aren't busy, you may be able to have a second session on another assignment, but this is highly unlikely. Since writing gets messier before it gets more clear, you may need more than one session to work through an assignment. Please plan ahead, and visit the WC early and often.

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