Respondus LockDown Browser

The newest version of Respondus LockDown Browser are listed below: 
    LockDown Browser for Windows: Version , August 14, 2013
   LockDown Browser for Mac: Version , August 15, 2013
If you downloaded Respondus LockDown Browser before those dates, you need to reninstall the browser.


About Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser™ (LDB) is a customized browser that increases the security of test delivery in Desire2Learn. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access an exam, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Once a quiz is started, students are locked into it until it’s submitted for grading. For a complete list of features, visit the Respondus web site at It’s also recommended that you view the demonstration movie at 

Respondus LockDown Browser provides a custom interface for the Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Macintosh) software that is already installed on the computer. It does notmodify an existing copy of Internet Explorer or Safari, but rather, installs a separate program that displays a custom browser when it is started. Respondus LockDown Browser uses the same security features and service packs that are currently installed for Internet Explorer. Installing Respondus LockDown Browser won’t modify the current version of Internet Explorer in any way.
Respondus LockDown Browser is not intended to replace the browser used by faculty or students within Desire2Learn. Respondus LockDown Browser is only intended for use by students while taking quizzes that have been prepared for use with Respondus LockDown Browser. These quizzes can include essay question if you want the students to not have access to other electronic information while writing an essay.
Installing Resondus LockDown Browser
For students to use Respondus LDB, they will need to download the software using the following link that is specific for online learning at Brazosport College
A Student Quick Start Guide for Respondus LockDown Browser is available from This 1-page guide, which can be printed or distributed electronically, is the easiest way to get students running with LockDown Browser in Desire2Learn.
A video guide for installing Respondus LockDown Browser is available at for both MAC and PC.

Respondus LDB Administrators

Terry Comingore

Office: E.139 Learning Services
Phone: (979) 230-3318