Welding Technology


What I Can Accomplish
Welders make up 10 to 15 percent of a construction crew and are a vital part of any construction team. New construction projects in our community offer welders a golden opportunity to step right up and strike an arc.   



Welding is the melting and fusing of metal using heat or pressure — making the metal structure strong so it can support the building. Welders work in shipbuilding, bridges, power plants, oil rigs, refineries, gas pipelines, tanks, buildings and even art.

Brazosport College’s classes offer hands-on, real-world, welding training — taught by experienced faculty. Employers in our region are asking for trained welders. The jobs are out there and the pay is good.
Where I Can Go
Welders usually work from drawings or blueprints. The three most common types of welding are electric, gas, and resistance. Technological advances have brought in laser beam, electron beam and inertia welding. Sites along the Texas Gulf Coast need welders to maintain and repair metal structures that rust and corrode.
Brazosport College has a number of excellent welding programs that qualify you to take a national certification exam. With each type of certification, you are prepared to step into different jobs. The best welding jobs come to those with the highest education.


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