Computer Technology


What I Can Accomplish
Computers are at the foundation of all business and industry, making trained employees in computer technology favored and well-paid. Computer programmers develop business solutions using databases, programming and web development. They work in almost every industry from healthcare and education to telecommunications and manufacturing. Networking professionals work in LAN/WAN administration and maintenance. They also set up, troubleshoot and maintain Windows and UNIX network hardware and software, telecom and other digital signal-based systems.

Brazosport College’s classes offer hands-on training and content that employers expect from qualified job candidates. Successful students find that a variety of career options are available.
Where I Can Go
Computer professionals work with hardware — servers, workstations and networked peripherals — as well as an expansive list of software programs. The continued growth of the Internet and Web 2.0 are generating a variety of occupations related to the design, development and maintenance of Web sites and their servers. The gaming industry is another growing area that is creating demand for computer professionals.
Brazosport College offers students two pathways for success in this field — Information Systems and Networking. With a degree or certificate, the job market opens up to a range of exciting opportunities.



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