Faculty Manuals & Tutorials

Our Virtual Campus is more than just a course management system (Desire2Learn), it is a gate way to a variety of student support services, programs and resources that can now be accessed virtually. 

If you are faculty or staff in need of assistance, please email the Distance Learning & Online Instruction Department (distancelearning@brazosport.edu) or call 979-230-3487. If you are a student, please contact the HelpDesk at 979-230-3266 or helpdesk@brazosport.edu
If you experience issues with viewing videos read the Trouble Viewing Videos section.
The following manuals focus on how to work with Desire2Learn (D2L) which is our course management system used for hosting and managing online courses at Brazosport College. Faculty manuals are also available on the My Home page in D2L.
Virtual Campus

D2L Tool Review

Copy your Online Course

Creating Groups

Setting Working with Grades and Viewing Student Progress

Creating Discussions and Dropbox Assignments

News, Checklists, and Notifications

Creating and managing Quizzes

Creating an Online Room

Working with Intelligent Agents

Working with the Content Tool

Creating web-based content using the HTML Editor

Forwarding Your D2L Email

Working with Rubrics

Adjusting Quiz Scores

Best Practices Discussion Rubric Grading

          Videos (depending on computer type, click on Windows Media or Quicktime links to view)

Copying an Online Course:   Windows Media |  Quicktime
Creating an Interactive Syllabus with SoftChalk: Part 1:  Windows Media |  Quicktime
Creating an Interactive Syllabus with SoftChalk: Part 2:  Windows Media |  Quicktime
Forwarding Email:  Windows Media |  Quicktime
Working with your Grade Book:  Windows Media |  Quicktime
Creating and Managing Quizzes:  Windows Media |  Quicktime


          Strategy Information

Communication/Interaction - D2L Tools and associated activities to promote interaction.
Creating Accessible Online Content ( ADA/Section 508)


          Using MyMediasite

Screen-O-Matic (SOM)

Edit Tools (covers cutting, using overlays, inserting pauses, transitions, and  more)
Editing Help (covers editing audio, cursor highlighting, zooming, and more)
Scripted Recordings (creating scripts to lay out exactly what you want to say)
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