Personal Enrichment & Leisure Courses


Aquaponics and Hydroponics are techniques to provide nutrients to plant life.  Learn about these techniques and how our ecosystem is affected.  Get information on "soilless" growing and how to keep bugs and pests out of your garden without using chemicals.  The third class day will be a field trip to Outback Green Shack Farms, where there will be a hands-on presentation on outdoor vs. indoor growing, artificial vs. natural light, etc.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Nick Perrin
8736 CSPI1014 (02164T)         6 hrs.
8/7-8/21          M         6:30-8:30 pm


Learn how to dance the basics of International Latin, American Rhythm and American Smooth.  Join the fun; no partner required.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Sherry Shelton
8737 CDAN9022 (03164T)      6 hrs.
7/26-8/9          W         6:30-8:30 pm

Cake Decorating

This course is an introduction to icing techniques and variations of design.  Learn how to stack and shape cakes along with a variety of frosting and royal icing piping, flowers, and basket weaving techniques.  This is a hands-on course so come prepared to design the cake you've always wanted.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Allison Cruz
8738 CFOO9023 (03164T)      3 hrs.
7/29     S          9 am-12 pm
$39 ($15 material fee)

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) - FREE!

CERT is a training program that prepares you to help your family and neighbors in the event of a disaster.  During an incident emergency service personnel may not be able to reach you right away.  CERT training will give you the skills to help emergency responders save lives and protect property.  As a member of the CERT team you can respond to disasters, participate in drills and exercises and obtain additional training.  CERT teams are known and trusted resources for emergency responders and their communities.  No matter where you live or who you are, we all have a role in hometown preparedness.  What role will you play?

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Gale Stefka
8739 CCRT1001 (03164T)       24 hrs.
6/6-6/29          T/R      6:30-9:30 pm

Country & Western Dance

Dancing is great exercise and a great way to have fun while meeting new people.  If you want to learn the latest in Country & Western dancing take advantage of this three week session.  After learning a few steps, put your own spin on things by adding twirls and more.  Young and old - come join the fun.  No partner required. 

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Sherry Shelton
8740 CDAN9030 (04164T)      6 hrs.
6/21-7/5          W         6:30-8:30 pm

Learn to Sew 1…2…3…

In this introductory hands-on sewing class you will learn sewing basics like putting in a zipper, hemming a dress, making button holes, etc.  Work with an expert to learn a skill that you can use forever.  The instructor brings inside tips and secrets of the trade for saving time and money by learning to sew trendy new items for your wardrobe and home.  Use our machines or bring your own.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Sherry Shelton
8743 CFUN9052 (02164T)       12 hrs.
7/24-8/2          M/T/W            6-8 pm
$129 ($20 material fee)

Paint and Pour

Enjoy a new experience with friends and discover the artist within.  Paint while enjoying an adult beverage (BYOB).  We supply everything else needed to follow step-by-step instructions so you can take home your original work of art.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Sherry Shelton
8755 CFUN9097 (01164T)       3 hrs.
6/23     F          6-9 pm
8756 CFUN9097 (02164T)       3 hrs.
8/25     F          6-9 pm

Painting…Just For Fun

Yes, you can paint!  Explore your inner artist using the medium of your choice - oil, watercolor, or acrylic.  This class is designed for the hesitant beginner and the intermediate painter who wants to learn new techniques.  Come join the fun learning from a local artist.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Sherry Shelton
8741 CART9040 (03164T)       12 hrs.
7/27-8/17        R          6-9 pm