Personal Enrichment & Leisure Courses

Cake Decorating

This course is an introduction to icing techniques and variations of design.  Learn how to stack and shape cakes along with a variety of frosting and royal icing piping, flowers, and basket weaving techniques.  This is a hands-on course so come prepared to design the cake you have always wanted.
Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Allison Cruz
8416 CFOO9023 (05174T)              3 hrs.
6/16                       S                    9 am-12 pm
$40 (additional $15 material fee)
8417 CFOO9023 (06174T)              3 hrs.
7/14                       S                    9 am-12 pm
$40 (additional $15 material fee)


Micro Gardening

Micro gardening can be done using soil or just water.  Join us and learn the differences in growing greens in soil or water.  Learn the different types of growing pads and preparations, where to order seeds, lighting requirements and storage of your harvest.
Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Dolores Miller
8418 CSPI1016 (02174T) 2 hrs.
7/12                       R                             6-8 pm


Country and Western Dance

Dancing is great exercise and a great way to have fun while meeting new people.  If you want to learn the latest in Country and Western dance, take advantage of this three week session.  After learning a few steps, put your own spin on things by adding twirls and more.  Come join the fun.  No partner required.  Two Step, Waltz, and Line Dance will be taught.
Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Sherry Shelton
8419 CDAN9030 (04174T)              6 hrs.
6/13-6/27            W                      6:30-8:30 pm


Private Music Lessons

Engage in private music lessons in the following:  voice, guitar, brass, percussion/drums, woodwinds and piano.  Contact Richard Birk at 979-230-3272 for more information and to schedule lessons.
Location: The Clarion
Instructor: TBA
(4 - 30 minute lessons)
8420 CMUS9014 (03174T)             2 hrs.
 (6 - 30 minute sessions)
8421 CMUS9015 (03174T)             3 hrs.

Summer Jazz Band

This course is designed to provide experience for the instrumental student in the American Jazz idiom.  Jazz literature in a number of different styles will be rehearsed and performed for various college and community functions.
Location: The Clarion
Instructor: Richard Birk
8422 CMUS9004 (01174T)             25 hrs.
6/4-7/2                 M/W                 6:30-9:00 pm