Massage Therapy Information Session - FREE

The massage therapy profession is growing rapidly in response to increasing interest in promoting personal well-being and healthy living. The Brazosport College program includes the 450 hours of classroom instruction and 50 hours of internship required for licensing in the State of Texas. The course begins in January and ends in December. Registration begins in August. Prospective students are required to attend an information session prior to enrolling in order to obtain complete information about the program, state requirements, costs involved and financial aid options.

Location: BC Central
Instructor: Carrie Baker
4660 CMAS1000 (05172T)      1 hrs.
1/3                   W                     9:30-10:30 am 
4661 CMAS1000 (06172T)      1 hrs.
2/7                   W                     9:30-10:30 am 
6639 CMAS1000 (07173T)      1 hrs.
3/7                   W                     9:30-10:30 am 
6640 CMAS1000 (08173T)      1 hrs.
4/4                   W                     9:30-10:30 am 
6641 CMAS1000 (09173T)      1 hrs.
5/2                   W                     9:30-10:30 am

Massage Therapy

The massage therapy profession is growing rapidly in response to the public’s increasing interest in promoting personal well-being and healthy living. This is an intensive, year-long program and includes the 500 hours required in the State of Texas to become a licensed Massage Therapist. The program is broken into two parts – part one is classroom lecture and lab and part two is an internship. Once you have successfully completed all coursework in the lecture, you will enroll in the internship in September (additional fee). If you are interested in this career, please enroll in a Free Information Session to find out all the details. Prerequisites: At least 18 years of age with a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency (HSE), acceptable criminal background and previous attendance in a program information session. (Clinical admission requires all state required immunizations, shot records and completed Healthcare Admissions Application.)

Location: BC Central
Total Lecture/Lab Cost: $4,019 + textbooks
Anatomy & Physiology
Instructor: Kimberly Hall
4631 MSSG1013 (01172T)      75 hrs.
1/17-4/18        M/W                6–9 pm
(Class will not meet 3/12 or 3/14) 
Instructor: Kimberly Hall
4630 MSSG2013 (01171T)      50 hrs.
1/16-3/6          T/R                  6-9:20 pm 
Health & Hygiene
Instructor: Carrie Baker
6626 MSSG1009 (01173T)      20 hrs.
3/20-4/5          T/R                  6-9:20 pm 
Instructor: Kimberly Hall
6627 MSSG2014 (01173T)      40 hrs.4
/23-6/4          M/W                6-9:20 pm
(Class will not meet 5/28) 
Business Practices & Professional Ethics
Instructor: Vicki Drake
8401 MSSG1007 (01174T)      45 hrs.
7/9-8/27          M/W                6–9 pm 
Hydrotherapy/Therapeutic Modalities
Instructor: Vicki Drake
8402 MSSG1005 (01174T)      20 hrs.
6/6-6/25          M/W                6–9 pm 
Fundamentals I
Instructor: Carrie Baker
6628 MSSG1011 (01173T)      125 hrs.
4/10-8/23        T/R                  6-9:20 pm
(Class will not meet 7/3 or 7/5) 
Fundamentals II
Instructor: Vicki Drake
8403 MSSG2011 (01174T)      75 hrs.
8/28-10/10      M/T/W/R        6–9 pm
(Class will not meet 9/3)

Massage Therapy Internship 2018

This internship is for students who successfully complete the lecture portion of the program in October of 2018 (or prior).
Instructor: Carrie Baker, Vicki Drake
2400 MSSG2086 (01181T)      50 hrs.
10/15-12/14    M/T/W/R        2–8 pm