Smart Finances

Too much month left at the end of your money?... Feel like all you ever do 'just make payments' and never get to keep anything for yourself?

You are definitely not alone but there's a good chance you're doing it to yourself.   Our schools do not teach us anything about handling our money wisely.  

But here's your chance.  You can go from 'financially ignorant' to 'financially intelligent' in about 2 hrs.

In the "Smart Finances" videos I reveal the 12 dumbest mistakesthat smart people make with their money - 12 ways we keep ourselves poor and the banks rich. 

I'll also reveal the 6 step plan to get you on the path to financial excellence.  Apply these 6 steps faithfully throughout your life and you should do very well.

The "Investment Pyramid" videos are for those who have applied the 6 step plan and therefore have money to invest.  Jeff Kroll explains his invest pyramid strategy that has served him well in bull markets as well as bear.

Smart Finances, Part 1,  66 min

[Unfortunately these two videos are lengthy.  In the future they will chopped into smaller topics.  In the meantime you can pick up where you left off by paying attention to the time clock in the lower right corner of the video screen.]

Smart Finances, Part 2,  136 min

The Investment Pyramid

Part 1 - Jerry's 3 "Wake Up" Lessons, 14 min

Part 2 - Jeff's Overview of Various Topics, 26 min

Part 3 - Jeff's Investment Pyramid, 35 min


Persons at BC with financial wisedom are available to answer your questions.