Gen Bio 1 Lecture Handouts and Learning Tools

General Handouts for the Course

Study Techniques the 'A' Students Use 

Flash Cards in a Flash  Knowing your terminology is crucial to good scores.  Sign up at this website, create digital flash cards for your terms, then use the "Quiz Me" app., $0.99 to drill yourself on your smart phone, iPad, laptop, etc. while you're waiting at soccer practice, the doctor's office, etc.

 Syllabus for Biology 1406  At the time of Exam 1, prior to taking the exam, each student will be required to sign a form agreeing to the Syllabus. 

Lecture Exam Dates 

 My Class Schedule and Office Hours - may change as semester progresses

Materials pertaining to exam 1

Study Guide for Exam 1

Unit 1-1 PPT Slides - a 'lil bit o ev'ry ting  Ch 1

Unit 1-2 PPT Slides - The Chemical Basis of Life   Ch 2

Unit 1-3.1 PPT Slides - Organic Molecules - Carbohydrates  Ch 3 

Unit 1-3.2 PPT Slides - Organic Molecules - Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic Acids   Ch 3

Materials pertaining to exam 2

Study Guide for exam 2

Unit 2-1 PPT slides - Organization of the Cell   Ch 4  

Materials pertaining to exam 3

Study Guide for Exam 3

Unit 3-1 PPT slides - Start Ch 7 Energy and Metabolism

Unit 3-2 PPT Slides - Last of Ch 7 Energy

Unit 3-3 PPT slides - Ch 8 ATP Production 

 Unit 3-4 PPT slides - Ch 9 Photosynthesis

video: Rap song about ATP  (3 min)

video: 1st law of thermodynamics  (7 min)

Lecture video 02-28-2013 Last of ch 7 and ch 8 through glycolysis  

Lecture video 3-5-2013 Photosynthesis Part 1

Lecture video 3-5-2013 Photosynthesis Part 2  

Photosynthesis explained   5 min

Photosynthesis explained   7 min

Photosynthesis explained   13 min  Best overall

Calvin Cycle   3 min

Photosynthesis song    6 min  It moves fast.  Have to know your stuff to appreciate it.

Materials pertaining to exam 4

*NOTE* To access PPTs on this new webpage you must now enter your user name and password. If accessing from off campus you will likely also need to include BCnet\ in front of your user name. If it still doesn't open then try BCnet\apstudent as user name and teachme2013 as the password. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.

Study Guide for exam 4  (Ch 10 & 11)

Unit 4-1 PPT slides - Mitosis and Meiosis Ch 10

Unit 4-2 PPT slides - Basic Principles of Heredity Ch 11

Unit 4-3 PPT slides - Last of Principles of Heredity CH 11

Lecture of 3-19-2013 First of Mitosis 60 min 

Lecture of 3-26-2013 Cytokinesis, Checkpoints, and Intro to Meiosis 25 min

Lecture of 3-28-2013 Last of Meiosis Ch 10, First of genetics Ch 11 70 min

Lecture of 4-2-2013  Last of Genetics   50 min 

video Mitosis explained w simple drawings  3 min  [error:  Interphase is not a phase of mitosis]

video Mitosis explained by Paul Andersen 14 min  w connection to cancer

video Mitosis explained w great visuals   7 min

video Mitosis rap song    3 min     ...moves kinda fast.  Gotta know your stuff but it's very clever and very accurate.

video Mitosis explained by Khan Academy   21 min

video Meiosis explained concisely 3 min  

video Meiosis explained by Paul Andersen   10 min

video Meiosis explained by Khan Academy    {first 7:18 min only} 

video:  Codominance vs. Incomplete Dominance    3 min

video:  Codominance vs. Incomplete Dominance    first 5 min only

 Materials pertaining to exam 5

Study Guide for exam 5 (Ch 12-16)

Unit 5-1 PPT slides - DNA replication  Ch 12

Unit 5-2 PPT slides - Transcription and Translation   Ch 13

Unit 5-3 PPT slides - Human Genetics Ch 16  

Unit 5-4 PPT slides - Applications of DNA technologies Ch 15  

Transcription and Translation exercise 

Lecture of 4-9-2013 DNA and DNA Replication - recording unsuccessful

Lecture of 4-11-2013 First of Transcription and Translation   52 min

Lecture of 4-16-2013 Last of Transcription and Translation  50 min

Lecture of 4-18-2013 Human Genetics - recording failed(Mic bateries died - no audio after 5 min)

Lecture of 4-23-2013 Applications of DNA technologies   60 min or less

Various Videos

 Materials pertaining to Final Exam

PPT slides for review, part 1, units 1 & 2 

PPT slides for review, part 2, units 3 & 4 [Note: very few slides were deleted from the originals so if you still have your slides for units 4-1,4-2, and 4-3 there is little advantage to prininting these.]

All slides in Unit 5 are also fair game.

Final Exam is Tuesday, May 7, 10:30 a.m.