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Calendar for AP2 Fast Track Lab (and Lecture)

Course Syllabus BIOL 2102, AP2 lab

**The Lab Activity Sheets you need to bring to lab each week are NOT found on this page.  They are on the Web of Life.  See link to left. 

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Lab 1

Lab 1 - Lab Activity Sheets    These are provided to you for Lab 1.  For labs 2 - 12 you need to print out your own from our Web of Life web page and bring them to lab with you.  A link to the Web of Life is in the navigation pane to your left. 

My PPT images

Video:  Blood Flow through the chambers and valves  3 min

Video:  Not everyone's heart is "inside."  3 min  

Lab 2

My PPT images   

Lab 3

My PPT images  

Lab 4

My PPT images  

Lab 5

My PPT images 

Comprehensive Mid-Term over labs 1-5  (150 points) 

Lab 6

My PPT images 

Lab 7

My PPT images 

Lab 8

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For self quizzing AFTER you have been to lab.... 

Self Quizzes - kidneys, pH, Intro to Acid-Base Balance   Do NOT print and work on these before lab 8.  

Lab 9

         My PPT images

For self quizzing AFTER you have been to lab.... Self Quiz - Acid-Base Balance, the mechanisms    Do NOT print and work on these before lab 9. 

 Labs 10 & 11

          My PPT images for lab 10

My PPT images for lab 11

Lab 11 Notes Part 1 Fertilization thru Placentation    20 min video

Lab 11 Notes Part 2 Ectopic Pregnancies thru Birth   20 min video

Lab Comprehensive Final over labs 6-11 and lymphatics   (150 points)