AP1 Lab Learning Tools

General Info & Handouts for the Course


Lab 1

Lab 1 - Lab Activity Sheets.   The Lab Activity Sheets you need to bring to lab each week are NOT found on this page.  They are on the Web of Life.  See link to left.
On this page you will find links to the PPTs Mr. James uses to present info in lab

Lab 2

Lab 02 PPT slides - Skin and Synovial Joints

Lab 3


Lab 4


Lab 5


Comprehensive Lab Mid-Term    150 points

Lab 6


Lab 7


Lab 8


Lab 9


Lab 10

Lab 10 PPT slides - Endocrine glands    


Comprehensive Final over labs 6-10     150 points

Lab 11  

 Lab 11 PPT slides - Eye & Ear