AP1 Lecture Videos, Older

To Get the Most Out of These Streaming Videos

1) Know that these were recorded live in the classroom during a previous semester. Therefore, any mention of dates or upcoming events should be ignored. Correct exam dates for your current semester are available through links to the left "AP1 Lecture Handouts and Learning Tools." 

2) When viewing each of these videos you may pause and restart as often as you like. You may drag the slide bar forwards or backwards to advance or back up.

3) Take notes while viewing each video just as you would in the classroom. This transform you from being a totally passive learner to at least a partially active learner. Research shows you learn faster and retain more when you are an active learner. Taking notes is the first step in that direction.  Remember... "Listening is not learning."

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Lectures for Exam 1, older versions

AP1, 1-01 Intro to AP1 - How to Kick Butt in this course    25 min

AP1, 1-02 Organ Systems    12 min

AP1, 1-03 Homeostasis, NFBM, and PFBM    35 min

AP1, 1-04 Cell Membrane Anatomy through Lipids    25 min

AP1, 1-05 Cell Membrane Anatomy through Proteins    28 min

AP1, 1-06 Membrane Transport, Passive - Diffusion and Filtration    22 min

AP1, 1-07 Membrane Transport, Passive - Osmosis and Filtration    46 min

AP1, 1-08 Membrane Transport, Active and 4 Concepts    33 min

AP1, 1-09 Chemical Reactions and Study Tips    24 min 


Lectures for Exam 2, older versions

AP1, 2-01 First of RMP, Learn this first    15 min

AP1, 2-02 RMP - The Cardinal Rule    17 min

AP1, 2-03 Altering RMP at Chemical Synapses    17 min

AP1, 2-04 Altering RMP, Dig Deeper    33 min


AP1, 2-08 Local Inflammation and Clinical Applications    23 min

AP1, 2-09 Tissue Repair    21 min

Inflammation and Tissue Repair, short version    2 min


Lectures for Exam 3, older versions  

AP1, 3-01 Covering and Lining Membranes    13 min

AP1, 3-02 Skin and Skin Cancers    36 min

AP1, 3-03 Classification of Muscle Tissue Types    8 min

AP1, 3-04 Q&A Review; Whole Muscle vs. Muscle Fibers; Motor Units   14 min  

AP1, 3-05 Muscle Fiber Anatomy through Sarcomeres   23 min

AP1, 3-06 SR; Actin and Myosin; Events of Contraction    17 min

AP1, 3-07 Uses of ATP; Fate of NTs   12 min

AP1, 3-08 What ifs    19 min 

AP1, 3-09 Q&A Review    8 min

AP1, 3-10 more What ifs    13 min

AP1, 3-11 Energy for Muscle Contraction, Intro    12 min

AP1, 3-12 Energy for Contraction - Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration    36 min

AP1, 3-13 Q&A Review    17 min

AP1, 3-14 What Fuel You Burn and When   30 min

AP1, 3-15 Muscle Fatigue; Fate of LA; Oxygen Debt; Heat Production    23 min

AP1, 3-16 Go to http://www.medicinenet.com/muscle_cramps/page2.htm#what_are_the_types_and_causes_of_muscle_cramps  and learn about "true" skeletal muscle cramps.

AP1, 3-17 Bone Anatomy Q&A; Chemical Composition of Bone    24 min

AP1, 3-18 Bone Remodeling    13 min

AP1, 3-19 Control of Remodeling (Regulation of Calcium)    21 min

AP1, 3-20 Osteoporosis    18 min

Lectures for Exam 4, older versions

AP1, 4-01 Basic Components and Functions of CNS & PNS    14 min

AP1, 4-02 Flow Chart of the Organization of the Nervous System    12 min

AP1, 4-03 Neuroglia    10 min

AP1, 4-04 Review of Synapses, APs, IPSPs, EPSPs, etc    11 min

AP1. 4-05 Memory    10 min

AP1, 4-06 Blood Flow to the Brain    11 min 

AP1, 4-07 TIAs and CVAs (Strokes)    26 min

AP1, 4-08 Intro to Depression and Addiction    12 min

AP1, 4-09 Addiction to Nicotine    15 min

AP1, 4-10 Depression and Anti-depressant Meds    30 min

AP1, 4-11 Nerves and Nerve Plexuses    13 min

AP1, 4-12 Spinal Reflexes, Reflex Arcs, & Dermatomes    14 min

AP1, 4-13 Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and Hydrocephalus    33 min

AP1, 4-14 Cerebral ISF Formation at the Blood Brain Barrier    30 min

AP1, 4-15 Autonomic Nervous System    29 min

AP1, 4-16 Effects of ANS on Target Tissues    29 min

AP1, 4-17 NTs and Receptors of the ANS    30 min

AP1, 4-18 Clinical Applications and Q&A review    36 min 

Lectures for Exam 5, older versions

AP1, 5-1 Endocrine System Intro, Controlling Release of Hormones    30 min

AP1, 5-2 Control of ECF Osmolality and Volume by ADH    30 min

AP1, 5-3 Control of Metabolism by TH   28 min

AP1, 5-4 Control of ECF Calcium by PTH and Calcitonin    10 min

AP1, 5-5 Control of ECF Glucose by Insulin, Glucagon, & Cortisol    17 min

AP1, 5-6 Hyperglycemia    17 min

AP1, 5-7 Hypoglycemia    10 min

AP1, 5-8 Story Board version of Control of ECF Glucose    13 min

AP1, 5-9 Diabetes Mellitus Type 1    27 min

AP1, 5-10 Diabetes Mellitus Type 2    29 min

AP1, 5-11 Gestational DM and What Ifs    33 min

AP1, 5-12 Control of ECF Glucose by Cortisol    12 min

AP1, 5-13 Control of ECF Na+, K+, and BP by Aldosterone    21 min

AP1, 5-14 Cushing's Syndrome and Addison's Disease    19 min

AP1, 5-15 Stress Responses & Sleep Cycles    12 min