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1) Know that these were recorded live in the classroom during a previous semester. Therefore, any mention of dates or upcoming events should be ignored. Correct exam dates for your current semester are available through links to the left "AP1 Lecture Handouts and Learning Tools." 

2) When viewing each of these videos you may pause and restart as often as you like. You may drag the slide bar forwards or backwards to advance or back up.

3) Take notes while viewing each video just as you would in the classroom. This transform you from being a totally passive learner to at least a partially active learner. Research shows you learn faster and retain more when you are an active learner. Taking notes is the first step in that direction.  Remember... "Listening is not learning."

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Unit 1 Lecture Videos by Topic, newest

AP1  1-01  Intro to A&P - How to kick butt in this class   21 min

AP1  1-02  Anatomy vs. Physiology    16 min

Levels of Structural Organization   4 min   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPQkrxmAbhg

AP1  1-03  Homeostasis, NFBM, PFBM   33 min

AP1  1-04  Plasma Membrane Structure - Lipid Bilayer  [Find in older set of recordings]

AP1  1-05  Plasma Membrane Structure - Proteins [Find in older set of recordings]

AP1  1-06  Membrane Transport - Concentration and Passive Processes  [Find in older set of recordings]

Osmosis, Diffusion, Hypertonic, Hypotonic, and Isotonic 28 min

AP1  1-07  Q&A over Passive Membrane Transport Processes   15 min

AP1  1-08  Active Membrane Transport Processes    16 min

AP1  1-09  Four Concepts related to Membrane Transport    12 min

AP1  1-10   Four Chemical Reactions Keeping you Alive    21 min

Who's getting accepted into their program?  12 min

An 'A' student shares her formula for success.   4 min

Unit 2 Lecture Videos by Topic, newest

AP1  2-01  ECF vs ICF and RMP    36 min

AP1  2-02  Altering RMP for Communication    26 min

The Chemical Synapse simplified  2 min

The Chemical Synapse - more depth  5 min

AP1  2-03  Polarity, Depolarization, Threshold,Repolarization, Hyperpolarization    36 min

AP1  2-04  Clinical Applications    49 min

AP1  2-05  Types of Membrane Potentials    10 min

AP1  2-06  Misc Q&A    10 min

AP1  2-07  Inflammation and Tissue Repair    40 min  

Unit 3 Lecture Videos by Topic, newest

AP1  3-01  The Skin  [Find in older set of recordings]

AP1  3-02  Skin Cancers  [Find in older set of recordings]

AP1  3-03  Three Types of Muscle Tissue    11 min

AP1  3-04  "Whole" Muscle vs Motor Unit vs Muscle "fiber"    12 min

AP1  3-05  Physiology of Skeletal Muscle Contraction    36 min

AP1  3-06  Putting it all Together    10 min

AP1  3-07  ATP is Needed for...    10 min

AP1  3-08  Fate of the NT ACh    8 min

AP1  3-09  Practical Applications  "What if..."    21 min

AP1  3-09.5  Intro to Energy for Contraction    12 min

AP1  3-10A  Production of ATP by Various Methods    43 min

AP1  3-10B  Production of ATP, version B    20 min

AP1  3-11  Fatigue, Lactic Acid, EPOC, Heat Production    20 min

AP1  3-12  Chemical Composition of Bone    12 min

AP1  3-13  Bone Remodeling by Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts    13 min

AP1  3-14  Control of Bone Remodeling    21 min

AP1  3-15  Response of Bone to Mechanical Stress    25 min

AP1  3-16  Misc Q&A    20 min

Muscle contraction sliding filament theory   5 min 

YouTube video on muscle contraction   3 min

 "My grades aren't so good. Should I drop this class and begin fresh another semester?"   12 min

Unit 4 Lecture Videos by Topic, newest

AP1  4-01  Components of the Nervous System    27 min

Divisions and organization of the nervous system   2 min   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3OITaAZLNc&feature=youtu.be

AP1  4-02  Neuroglia, Review of Mem. Potentials, Memory    22 min

AP1  4-03  Blood Flow to the Brain, TIA, CVA, tPA    40 min

Stroke; causes and treatments    5 min   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcmrgwNCPwM&feature=youtu.be

The Chemical Synapse simplified  2 min

The Chemical Synapse - more depth  5 min

AP1  4-04A  Physiology of Addiction    26 min

AP1  4-04B  Physiology of Depression    27 min

AP1  4-05  Nerves, Rami, and Nerve Plexuses    16 min

AP1  4-06  Dermatomes    6 min

AP1  4-06.5  BIG OYOs for Exam 4    2 min

Neurotransmitters Discovered  3 min

AP1  4-07  Cerebrospinal Fluid and Hydrocephaly    30 min

CSF production and flow   5 min   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asQo6cmOjd0&feature=youtu.be

AP1  4-08  ISF of Brain vs CSF; Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)    25 min

AP1  4-09  The Autonomic Nervous System    28 min

The ANS - a crash course  9 min

AP1  4-10  Effects of Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Stimulation on various Target Organs    22 min

AP1  4-11  Neurotransmitters and Receptors of the ANS    22 min

AP1  4-12  Clinical Applications - Meds Examples    26 min

Unit 5 Lecture Videos by Topic, newest

AP1  5-01  Overview of the Endocrine System    11 min

AP1  5-02  Specificity, Up and Down Regulation,  Magnitude of Response    10 min

AP1  5-03  Controlling the Release of Hormones    18 min

AP1  5-04  Control of ECF Osmolality and Volume by ADH    23 min

AP1  5-05  More on Osmolality & ADH    23 min

AP1  5-06  Control of Metabolism by TH    27 min

AP1  5-07  Control of ECF Calcium by PTH (with some Q&A)    8 min

AP1  5-08  Control of Blood Glucose by Insulin and Glucagon    

AP1  5-09  Why be Concerned about Hyperglycemia?    21 min

AP1  5-10  Why be Concerned about Hypoglycemia?    12 min

AP1  5-11  Diabetes Mellitus - Type 1  [Find in older set of recordings]

AP1  5-12  Diabetes Mellitus - Type 2   29 min

AP1  5-13  Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)    7 min

AP1  5-14  Diabetes "What ifs..."    20 min

AP1  5-15  Control of Blood Glucose by Cortisol    6 min

AP1  5-16  Control of ECF Sodium, Potassium, and Blood Pressure by Aldosterone    35 min

AP1  5-17  The Stress Responses - Short Term vs. Long Term and Sleep/Wake Cycles    13 min